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Alibaba employee cafeteria looks like

I'm with the group nowHelloHangzhouWe heard that there is one in HangzhoubuffetMore than 900 dishesWe must come and experienceClaimed to be several times fullYeahThis with my bossDefinitely can't let go of this thingSo I came here by plane today.Go eat onceIs that restaurant worth it?See how we rectify nextlet's go900-course buffetWant to eat again tomorrowSo today we have some timeWe spend half a dayCorrectCome to Hangzhouis not itWe were at that Lingyin Temple just nowPlease commentTold us about those templesBuddha statueI think those attractionsMust find a commentaryYeahThen you have to listen to the storyThen listen to the reasonOppositeJust look at it like thisKnow it wellSomehowReady to go to Quyuan FengheIt's rainingIs it by the West Lake?Easy to meet white ladyXia YuheIs notI thought it was Xia YuheWe are now in Quyuan FengheYou said it was beautiful when you said no thankswalking in the rainBard againHurry upWhat to hearNothing after walking in the rainBard againI thought you were wet againNo no noDid I speak so poorly in Mandarin?

Get wet againBard againThe same oneStartYou make me thinkThen start againDon't broadcast thisI'll hand it over laterHe started directlyHave you consideredSeveral degrees of heavy rain at sunsetWe walk on lonely mountain roadGo outside the building to eatHave some sagoFill the belly outside the buildingFill the belly fill the bellyGoodCan can canlookThe poem is overThe boss ordered a glass of 7 yuanA cup of 30CorrectTwo cups of Longjing teaWhat's the difference between what we drinkYeahYou have to tell himDon't say when it comesWhich is how muchOppositeLet's guessLet me smell it firstActually lookcan not tellI think this is 30OppositeThat oneThis is expensiveis not itCorrectThis beer canGroup performance evaluationVery fragrant this beerCorrectAnd not expensive12 yuanThis beer tastes better than the guestsIts servings are smallI got itSuit usCan againI got itCan eat two more dishesYes yes yes yesOrder moreRight right rightShow everyone this Xihucuyuso fastThey moveI have never eatenI have n』t eaten Xihu vinegar fish in HangzhouHave you ever eaten West Lake VinegarCorrectMust be fakeThe catfish itself is my favorite fishSweet and sourStill deliciousBut I eat sourThis chicken has not eatenLight things are actually pretty goodThis chicken doesn't workSo saltywhat is thisSong HemingFish MawPepper and white vinegarPinch thisWe only shouted oneAfraid of eatingI'm afraid this maggot is fullthis is deliciousgood to eatI'll do it tooIts sauce has a strong flavorOppositeIt is fragrantThe degree of hardness is just rightWe added a chicken called chaffinchIt has 198 and 380WowI smell so fragrantI take a picture firstThis is not goodSo stupidSo rakeThis must be hotDoes he bake in the oven?Then its roasted tasteIs notHe should be cookedThen steamedI have a chicken drumstickLouchiNo pointIt ’s not freshly bakedWhat do I think is called ChaffinchAfter ordering this dishA little loss of the image of the building outside the buildingReallyA glass of Jingxi LakeA glass of TESTVThe tea outside the building is ordered separatelyAfter drinkingWe think it's enough to order 7 yuan30 is not necessaryAbsolutely unnecessary7 OKSatiatedBlushingIf you do n』t order the chicken,Can give it 90 pointsOrdered chaffinch only 70 pointsIsn't that feelingI think it's only 60 minutes to order the chicken.Barely passThe environment is really greatA little more expensiveI feel expensiveCorrectBut here you lookRegardless of its decorationAnd these devicesNeither looks cheapCorrectBut I think the original intention of making foodOr the quality of the food itselfThis is the core thingSo we finally give a commentThe building outside is not worth eatingWe reveal the answerWe will be hereEat the cafeteria hereInvited to Taobao to attend a press conferenceAnd by the way experience itAlibaba900-course canteenHow good is it?Learn aboutCorrectCan we have a cafeteria for TESTV?

let's goI'm still preparing for lunchEntered the cafeteria earlyRight right right right rightThis ingredient has reached that kindThe kind of food in the general mallYeahThat feelingAlibaba's cafeteriaTOP10Find a few people at randomTo ask them what they like to eat the mostLet's orderTOP10 is waiting for youShould I order that TOP10RightThis coolIs there any moreCorrectSo bigOh my godThis is goodWelcome home dining30,000 people eat every dayOh my godTerribleMore than 900 dishesTwo dishes a day450 daysNot repeated for a yearwhat else do you wantIs notWhat if I eat four meals a dayit's hereOver a hundred daysNot repeated for three monthsThey own bought a courierAlso lead hereCorrectThis one is more famousStatue insideDid my homework yesterdayJust walk with your head downUnderground is the cornerstoneIt means he is walkingMeditatingUsing some more aggressive ideasLive forwardDo you knowThis imageThis designIs where its inspiration comes fromLet me tell youComeGroup performanceThis is so thinI know what to do in a group showCome hereExpose yourselfWhen the fourthtoo bigWe were in building five just nowTo the first buildingMy goshThat is too bigtoo bigit is goodWe came to canteen onePast elevenSomeone has started eatingThere are some right everywhereSome care for some expectant mothersCorrectGreatWelcome home diningReally importantWhat I want to say is that people often go home for dinnerFor example, buy some noodles and cook them homeShould I be advertising again?Also buy hot and sour powderDo you know this steakThis oneThis is Mr. Ma's nameAmazing steakSo we will not eat todayI'm afraid it ’s not tastyI am embarrassed to sayTelling liesWe go to eat otherOk let's goIf there is a chance to come hereCorrectHere is the steak in cafeteria one.Everyone can tasteIs the steak that Ma likes to eatSteak recommended by Mr.

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MaThis cafeteria is similar to the cafeteria in frontBut biggerIs this lambbeefbeefGroup performancebossHello thereHelloWowCome and see their buffetCiqikouThere is also a good black man in Shilin Night MarketThis name is takenCorrectCity God TempleYau Ma TeiThis bigCrockpot soupWhat is thisWhat dishesRibs and Radish Ribs YamNext enter our topiceatSpeaking of this I calm downCanteen 5Because it ’s biggerThen there are more dishesThen there are more peopleWe choose thereIt's 12:30 at noonShow everyoneThis cafeteria is so livelyFour meals herelunchSupper and supperAre very cheapAnd every month there will be some meal supplies for youSo I think this is really goodNow the group show got a formalFormal badgePleaseAlready hiredHiredAlready registeredSo eat with this cardStart nowPoint a lion headPoint a lion headTenThe boss is thinkingThis should be deliciousMy boiling fishGive me more peppersthank youhave a good mealThank youYou're welcomeThis is okA bit saltyFresh white cut chickenSmell its garlic firstcanThis chicken is deliciousHow about chickenthis is deliciousYou taste the boiling fishI feel deliciousLess sea pepperSo I asked her to put more sea pepperShe still gives me very littleFish is still tenderLarge portionOpen a small noodle restaurant hereDefinitely grab the business of these other homesReallyNo jokeI am still confidentWho is in charge of this piece?I love taobaoCorrectTaobao is our only means of incomein conclusionThe one we were in Ali cafeteria todaySome experienceOppositeI think firstWe may be here for ten days and a half monthsYes yes yes yesKeep eatingBe able toIt is possible to have a deeper and more realistic feelingThis one is superficialIf it looks superficial today,Regardless of health conditionsThe situation of the dishesThere isFor the whole operation processWe feel greatRightYeahvery goodIf you want to compare the tasteSome things are still unsatisfactoryWe both agreeThis cafeteriaGive it a high ratingCorrectAnd finally we concludedAli's cafeteria is worth eatingAfter dinnerAnd actually this timeMainly come to participateAn event on our TaobaoTaobao God-ManEveryone rememberOur Taobao GodIs our dear male masterAnd our almighty group of mastersPlay for a whileFeel itHere is the badge of the god-manThis is so prettyWho are theseI don't recognize any of themIt seems I have to come out a bit longerWe'll find it laterGod and man we recognizesay hiSee which godsOur idolTaobao Live NO.1So we come nowAli's Creative StoreLet's learnAnd see if there is anything we likeBuy a little and go backWe see a doll from TaobaoBlessedTeacher MaIs a blessing written by Mr. MaBuy one for our officeAvailable in our officeLet's experience face brush paymentPay itpaidThis face brush payment is convenientToo convenientLet's stroll around the parkI saw a bungalow hereI'm guessing with the group performanceWill this be Teacher Ma?

Teacher Ma's OfficeTake a quick breath of Teacher Malet's goIs this sculptureWhat it meansYou see they paddling in different directionsThe moral isIf the team is n』t doing the right thingCorrectIn vainCorrectOnly stagnationSee the gateSee the gateGoing to leaveAlibaba's trip is overA little reluctantI want to take more auraBut i tell youBut still have to go backcorrectBut i tell youWe will cheerCome oftenLearn moreGetting better and betterGetting better and betterI hope everyone gets better and betterFriendsSupport usGet off the plane againThird time in lifeGet off the plane three timesI guess no one elseThat aviation travelIt's 10:08Then the airport announced it was 9:25We were there at 9:25 and said it was closedI sit down again

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